Academic Supplements

These are materials designed for young people who want a career in politics or public service. Getting up-to-speed on topics that are useful in these careers gives you a head start on advanced educational courses down the road and a leg up on competition for jobs. For example, a career in the United States Foreign Service is helped considerably by having a knowledge of geography, but most Americans don't know geography well even after going through 8 years of primary school, four years of high school, and college beyond that. Geography is not a high priority in U.S. general education.

Another example is mathematics. Despite politicians and voters having to deal with dollar amounts that are in the millions, billions, and trillions, they are not adept at large numbers even with the 12-plus years of schooling.

These materials are ideal for high school AP classes or summer school programs, so we encourage school districts to use our materials. Colleges may also find these materials useful. We offer train-the-trainer classes for schools who want one of their faculty to teach. Parents may want their kids to have this training when it's not available from local schools, thus we offer distance learning but with a live instructor to provide help when necessary.

There are Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced materials designated A100, A101, and A102.

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