ALC Press is the publishing imprint of the Accelerated Learning Center, Inc. (Oregon). ALC Press has published over 40 titles; most used as course workbooks.

Contacting ALC

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The mission of ALC Press is to provide training and materials to help overcome the recent trend to distrust facts and history and to demonize the press, educational institutions, government agencies, reasonable public policy, and the educated.


The Accelerated Learning Center staff was offering courses, seminars, and lectures since 1978. We've trained over 50,000 people in 25 countries. In the early years, ALC's offerings were directly related to computer technology and products. As time went on, we expanded into areas that included other technologies, history, civics, energy, politics, and public policy.

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Ed Sawicki is the President and Chief Trainer at the Accelerated Learning Center. His education and skills are:

We've had numerous employees and contractors conduct our training over the years. We'll include them here whenever they're scheduled to conduct training.

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