E102-Safe Nuclear Energy

SMR reactor

The nuclear reactors that were designed and built in the 1950s and 1960s were influenced by military requirements. Somewhat because of that, the vast majority of reactors installed today are problematic. Most people think that reactor spent fuel (waste) is the biggest problem followed by reactor accidents that pose a threat to our water, air, and population centers close to reactors.

Things have changed. Nuclear reactors can be designed to be safe and provide benefits besides electric power. They don't have to be located close to the customers who use their electricity. Not only do these reactors produce far less waste, they can be powered by the existing (huge) nuclear waste stockpile, thus reducing it.

This presentation gives you the technical details of modern-day nuclear in reasonably plain language. Emphasis will be placed on Molten Salt Reactors that use a variety of nuclear fuels. As the above photo suggests, we'll look at how reducing the size of reactors and making them affordable by cities and counties may be just what we need to deploy them widely. You'll see why nuclear power has a place in our future but it'll likely take an effort that goes beyond private sector companies and existing politics to get us there.

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