Past Courses

These are some of the courses that were offered by ALC and its affiliated organizations over the years.

Guide To Apache Communications Network Design brochure Contractural Rights Database Systems brochure Data Communications dBase 2 Digital Equipment Corp brochure Effective Listening brochure Multiuser Databases Introduction to HTML, CSS, and Javascript Introduction to Linux Linux Networking and Security Linux Firewalls Linux Interneyworking Netware Security Netware Support brochure Windows NetWare brochure Satellites brochure Computer Security ISDN brochure Network Protocols Local Area Networks Network Troubleshooting PDX/CBX brochure IBM Products and Architecture CICS/VSAM brochure Systems Network Architecture Sealed Systems Introduction to SQL Systems Analysis Tomcat UNIX brochure Unix and Xenix brochure X.25 brochure Network99 in UAE and Saudi Arabia



These are the instructors who taught our clases. You might recognize some of their names. Many are authors.

Bill Ackerman, Uyless Black, Carroll Bowen, David James Clarke IV, Patrick Corrigan, Diana Freyfogle, Lori Gauthier, Stephen Gray, Philip Heaney, Michelle Heckman, Gilbert Held, Norman Huber, David Hutchings, Atul Kapoor, Daniel Kokoruda, Terry Lindell, Dennis Linnel, Mary Loomis, Diana Freyfogle, Pete Maclean, Howard Marks, Tobey Marzouk, Ray Massey, Carl Malamud, Dick Manasseri, David May, John McConnell, Pamela McGhee, Ted McMillan, Mark Miller, Dennis Pitta, Joseph Ponce Jr, Paul Para, Marc Rochkind, Phil Reagan, W. Spencer Rice, Judd Robbins, Ed Sawicki, Lois Schultz, Marie Scotto, Ken Sherman, Lloyd Sieden, Fred Stern, Gary Sudin, Gerald Talley, Rick Watkins, Nick Wells, Gene White, Don Whynott, and Joel Zimmerman

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