M102-Military Bases

U.S. military domestic bases When Ron Paul was running for president in 2012, his policy on foreign U.S. military bases was to shut them down. He mentioned that there were "900 bases [in] 130 countries". For many Americans, this was the first time they were made aware of the large number of overseas bases. Many felt that Paul's numbers were exaggerated. Were they?

This presentation covers military bases, both domestic and foreign. Emphasis is placed on bases created for World War II through today. You'll discover that many WWII airfields became civilian and commercial airports after the war. Also, many Cold War radar stations eventually were turned over to the FAA for civilian Air Traffic Control. You'll learn how military weapons and supplies manufacturers during WWII had their businesses bootstrapped when taxpayer-funded facilities were turned over to them at little or no cost.

You'll have access to maps of all U.S. military bases and facilities after the lecture.

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