SpaceX dual-landings This material covers a significant American business success story. It's an immigrant becomes a huge success story but this material is focused more on the SpaceX company than on founder Elon Musk. Founded in 2002, SpaceX has in 16 years become the leading space launch company in terms of low-cost launches. The low-cost has been achieved by rocket reusability - a capability that no other company has yet mastered.

The low-cost SpaceX launch services is good news for the American taxpayer. When the government and military first started using SpaceX, they paid about one-third or less than what the established, big name companies were charging. This competition forced the other companies to lower the cost of their launch services by about half.

The cost of launch services has gotten so low that organizations are now able to put satellites in orbit who could never afford to do so before. A good example is universities who can now offer more complete advanced classes for their students. SpaceX has helped create a new industry in small satellite design and manufacture. These small satellites are called microsats and cubesats.

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