List of current ALC Press education materials. Click an ID number to see details about the material.

ID #Name
Academic Supplements
A10X Description
Core competencies
C100 Numbers
C101 Searching the Internet
C110 Data and Information
C111 Internet Names and Numbers
C112 The Internet of Things (IoT) Problem
C120 Geography
C130 History and Time
Computers and Networking
N112 Internet of Things (IoT)
E101 Renewable Energy Primer
E102 Safe Nuclear Energy
E103 The Politics of Nuclear Energy
M102 Military Bases
M103 History of Nuclear Weapons
M104 Military Contractors
P102 The National Debt
P103 The U.S. Tax Structure
P104 How the 1930s Shaped Today's Politics
P105 Universal Basic Income (UBI)
P106 The History of Government Shutdowns
P110 Iran Nuclear Deal
P111 Prison Reform
P112 Non-profit Institutions
P120 The Nayirah Testimony
P121 The Political Assassination of Don Siegelman
P122 Who Created ISIS?
S101 The World's Observatories
S102 The International Monitoring System
S103 The U.S. Space Program
S104 The Voyager Mission
S105 Great Moments and Photos from Space Exploration
S106 SpaceX